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Lydy's Anarchist Revival Meeting

16th September, 2014. 6:14 am. Bi-bim-bop-Lydy

So, I'm a crap cook. Lack of practice and interest are high on the list of reasons, but a very poor ability to put flavors together in my head and predict the results is an even bigger reason. I'm just not talented in that area. But, I can do half-assed imitations.

Tonight's weird Lydy chow was a package of frozen spinach, upon which I piled a large amount of kimchee and a fried egg. It was actually really, really good. The egg added a bit of protein and a touch of umami, and I love spinach and kimchee. So, not as good as actual bi bim bop, vastly less complex, but for a very quick midnight snack, quite nice indeed.

There, now I've done a recipe on the internet. Do I get a prize?

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15th September, 2014. 10:41 pm. Dear fictional people of a monogamous persuasion

If you truly feel that sleeping with an inappropriate someone would burn your current life to the ground, would you please make up your fucking mind? I mean, if you want to burn your life to the ground, I'm good with that and I have a torch right here. But if you do, in fact, like your current life, would you please stop faffing around in private with this person that you find so irresistable, or failing that, would you please take reasonable precautions to avoid getting caught? And above all, would you make a decision and stick with it? Your guilt is spectacularly uninteresting, especially if you keep on going back and screwing your inappropriate interest. If you can't be committed to your legitimate relationship, could you at least be committed to your adultery? Is that really too much to ask? Look, I get it. But there are options. I mean, I've arranged my life so that when I am presented with the irresistible opportunity, it is a minor logistical issue rather than a life-changing debacle. ("Um, David? Yeah, I'm not going to make it home tonight. Could you feed the cats? Thanks. I'll tell you later.") If cheating on your primary partner is actually unthinkable _stop thinking about it_! If it's not unthinkable, if in fact you are thinking, then act in some sort of reasonably constructive fashion. Or burn your life to the ground. Really, have fun.


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7th September, 2014. 2:39 am. And the morning and the evening were a long fucking day (grousing edition)

You know how, two days ago, when you were clipping Nuit's claws, your boyfriend told you that you should also clip Ninja's claws? And you know how you didn't, because it wasn't immediately convenient? And you know how, when you got home from work Saturday morning, you decided that although you were pretty sure the fleas hadn't followed you home there was pretty much nothing wrong with clean sheets, and while you were at it, it had been a couple of months since you'd washed the mattress pad? And you know how Ninja has been especially energetic since it's become fall, and races around like a mad thing? And you know how, after you stripped the bed, Ninja raced to the window, and the patch kit for the waterbed is in your boyfriend's room, and he's still asleep? Yeah, it was that kind of morning.

So, after patching the mattress and closing the door so the patches can cure without additional feline assistance, DDB and I went to Eau Claire for roller derby, as planned. It is their Back to School Bruise-a-thon, which is four bouts, and starts at three. Now, experience has shown that I don't get really tired until I've been awake for eighteen to twenty hours, and that I don't start getting wonky until I've been up for about thirty hours. I got up at six-thirty the previous evening, so I figure I've got several hours of roller derby in me, and I won't start getting particularly wonky until we get to the after-party, at which point I will drink sufficient beer (mmm, New Glarus Moon Man Ale) that people will just assume I'm drunk. We've done this before, and while the ride home is pretty annoying and vague, DDB is driving, and the rest of it is good fun. So we do that.

We go to our usual place for lunch, and I get my usual thing. By the time we get to Eau Claire, I am dizzy and nauseous. We're a little late, DDB goes straight in, I sit in the car waiting for the world to stop feeling like it's moving. (Yes, I know that it moves, but it's not supposed to _feel_ like it.) I go in, watch some derby. By half-time of the second bout, I'm pretty sure that the only thing I truly desire is to not be conscious. I get the car keys, go back out to the car, and nap in the back seat. Back seats are _terrible_ for this. There's a hump in the middle which makes it really uncomfortable. I take my crochet bag and my jacket, bunch them up under my head, and sleep. I wake several times, in pain from the back seat. I have a bout of abdominal cramps, nothing alarming, just uncomfortable. I finally feel like being conscious again about nine in the evening, which means that I've missed all the derby.

DDB checks to see if I want to go straight home. It has been our custom for several years to go to the afte rparty and DDB creates a slide show from the pictures he's taken during the bout, and we show them up on the big screen tv. It is enjoyed, and is fun, and is kind of our thing. I allow as how we should do the after party. I am not feeling very social, and basically just crochet and don't talk to many people. Which is fine. I manage one beer and one fried mushroom. Every time I stand up, I am incredibly stiff and limp, probably from having slept in such an uncomfortable position for several hours. The slide show is a huge success, and we go home.

And now I'm home. I have to work tonight, so I'm going to go to sleep, soon. It's been a long day. Not happy, but feeling not sick. Do not know what was wrong. Maybe my lunch disagreed with me? Maybe I'm having another round of allergic reactions? Maybe my life just sucks? And what about Naomi?

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2nd September, 2014. 8:09 pm. Thank You, Graydon (Therapik edition)

So, the Therapik doesn't do much for week-old bites. But I stayed over the last night, and I have a new crop of bites to experiment upon. Alas.

On new bites, it does not immediately eliminate the itching, more's the pity. But it does, after a bit, definitely reduce or eliminate it. Bites treated with the Therapik itch less over time and seem to heal faster. (I had a mosquito bite on Sunday that I treated once, and it has bothered me no more.)

The bad news is that this thing eats batteries like they were going out of style. It uses a 9-volt battery, and I've had to replace it once, and the thing only arrived last Saturday. DDB does say that creating heat is simply power-intensive and there isn't much room for increasing efficiency, so it's not surprising that it eats batteries. However, if the preliminary results hold up, this is so totally worth it. While cremes offer varying amounts of relief, they seem to require frequent reapplication, and I usually reapply more often than is recommended. And while the relief is welcome, when the itching returns, it is with the same intensity. With the Therpik, if the itching returns, it seems to be of lesser intensity.

As I said, we'll see if these results hold up.

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2nd September, 2014. 1:25 pm. Complimentary God-daughter will get an afghan, WIP

So, evidently if you date DDB, you get a complimentary god-daughter, absolutely free! Or at least, I did. I didn't find out until a number of years later that Toni Brust, David's god-daughter, simply understood that since I was dating David, I was of course also her god-mother. Toni being Toni, it didn't strike her as at all odd that she had three god-parents. When I expressed surprise that I was her god-mother, she asked me why I had taken her to Valley Fair if I wasn't her god-mother. I had no good answer.

By the way, she's the best god-daughter, ever, so there's that.

So, in the way of things, I'm making her an afghan. She chose a pattern called Woven Marvel, which I think is weird, but she likes a lot. And it's fun to make, so that's all good, too. It's made of 63 squares, each of which is two colors woven together. First, you make a half-squid. Then you make another half-squid. Then you wave the ten legs together. Eventually, I will sew all squares together, accomplish a border, and it will be an afghan.

I'm particularly happy with the colors on this, since I chose them myself, and yet they do seem to go together. I was quite doubtful about the purple, but could find no other suitable color. Once I'd worked it up, though, it seemed to be fine. The moderating influence of the grey is key, I think.

Here's a picture of the three different blocks:

For those of you playing along with yarn choices, the black and the grey are Loops & Threads Soft and Shiny, the blues and the purple are Caron Simply Soft. I really love the grey, which you may remember from the first afghan that I made. (Hey, Patricia, I'll try to repair the problem tonight so that you can have it soon.)

And that's all the afghans that are fit to print.

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2nd September, 2014. 1:14 pm. Afghans all the way down

So, I fell in love with this variagated yarn (now called an ombre, no idea why) by Caron. When I realized that it was in Pamela's colors, it ended up being Pamela's afghan. This picture doesn't quite do the yarn justice, it's a little brighter than this. I may try to get a better picture, as well,since this doesn't quite show the shape. It's done in hexagonal pinwheels that get sewn together. It was a lot of fun to make, and Pamela likes it, so that's all good. Possibly this pattern looks better in a solid rather than an ombre, but boy was that yarn fun.

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2nd September, 2014. 1:09 pm. Speaking of afghans

So, here's a better picture of Carol's afghan. DDB took the first picture when I wasn't home. When I pointed out that it was showing the wrong side, he said, "Wait, afghans have sides?" And then, "Why did you make a wrong side? Shouldn't you have done it right on both sides?" He's very cute, my David.

And here's a better picture of the texture:

I really, really like the texture of the green panels, which is also a nice, tight fabric.

At some point, I need to take this over to Carol.

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2nd September, 2014. 1:03 pm. What About Naomi? The Afghan edition

Anybody besides me remember Love of Chair? For some reason, it stuck with me even after the rest of the Electric Company is just a distant, faded dream of a memory.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Naomi's afghan is finished. Here's a picture:

I decided not to add the lavender racing stripes to either side of the butter-colored stripes because I thought it would look too busy.

Here's a close-up of the texture:

This was easily the most pain-in-the-ass pattern I have ever worked on. The cloth is not as tight as I was envisioning, either. But the colors are nice, and it does I do like the look of the texture. Please note,this picture does not include the egregious error that I made in the first three rows of bobbles, but you actually have to be looking to find them.

So, Naomi, before Christmas! Yay, me! Please drop me email (lydy at demesne dot com) and to arrange to take custody. I can bring it to you, or you can come to me, either works.

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31st August, 2014. 3:03 am. Notes from a life

Bits and pieces.

I am still being bit by what are presumed to be fleas when I visit a friend's house. I got a Therapik today. This is the gizmo that applies heat directly to the bite in order to break down the bug goop that causes itching. The gizmo specifically states that it should be used on brand-new bites. Me, I instantly applied it to many day old bites, because itching. So far, it is either neutral or makes them itch worse. It seems possible that most of my reaction is actually an allergic reaction, and that breaking down the bug stuff won't actually make the allergic reaction go away. It seems possible that applied early, it may help reduce the amount of allergic reaction. Or not. It is also possible that the increase in itching is a temporary situation, and that it may have longer term useful results. Experimentation is in order. It was less than $15 (not counting shipping), so a reasonable experiment.

I got to work at Abbott twice this week, both times alone. It was enjoyable, although last night was one of those nights where nothing early on went smoothly, so everything was just a bit behind itself. Nevertheless, it was all good, and I can see the ways to make this environment work well for me. Including the faffing around in the parking garage, my commute is just under three miles one way. Which means that an entire week's commute would still be less, mileage-wise, than one way to the Woodbury lab. It is walkable, if I have a lot of time -- but I never get up that early. It might be bikeable, but I don't own a bike and there isn't a Nice Ride station near where I live -- though there is one near the hospital. Any gate, this is all going well.

It looks like maybe I was misinformed. Very possibly my favorite yarn, Loops & Threads Soft and Shiny, is not going out of production. Not knowing this, I went to two different Michael's stores this morning to buy them out of my favorite color of that brand, the grey that is almost silver. I also bought some black while I was at it. So now I have the materials to make an afghan I kinda want to make after I finish Toni Brust's afghan. Remember that afghan that I hated because I hated the yarn? I didn't actually hate the pattern, and I think it might look really pretty if the central spiral of each panel was that silver-grey, the remainder black, with electric teal accents. I have enough in the Soft and Shiny to do that. I think I'll do that on spec, since I don't have anyone that has asked for it, and it's a bit weird. It doesn't create a very solid cloth. Once I get it done, I'll post a picture and see if anyone wants it. If no one does, maybe I'll keep it for cold winter days. Any gate, I'm glad to see that that line of yarn is probably not going out of production. They have some really pretty ombres that I don't know what to do with, but are really, really pretty. Ombres are kinda difficult to work with, if you like texture, as I do, since the varigation of the yarn tends to obscure the texture. The varigation is pretty to look at, but the texture is more fun to construct.

The Bucklin cats are getting comfortable. I've been mugged by Grout several times, going through the not-cat-free space going to and from work, and by Mora tonight, returning from the Board meeting. Spackle evidently got a lot of attention from Pamela and David earlier today. We can't keep them a lot longer, but they seem healthy, happy, and are becoming quite social. I think they would really like to be in a home where they can socialize with the humans, rather than the humans having to make a special effort to visit them. Louie came by the other night to visit them, and they came out and were happy to see her. Nate has been to visit them many times, and they seem to really like to see him, too.

The Board meeting went pretty well, tonight. I think that we're just about done with the thing that I care most about, the harassment policy. There's a bunch of systems work that needs to be done. How to file reports, preferably in a place easier to retrieve them from than a locked cabinet in a lavatory in the basement with a sign on the door that says "Beware of the Leopard." We are trying to be careful and thoughtful, both providing useful systems for the future, and making sure that we are both able to respond appropriately and flexibly to problems, while still retaining sufficient institutional memory that we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time, and so that patterns of behavior can be noted if necessary. Dear all my friends, this is actually hard work. And while I admit that many institutions have fucked up royally, I can also attest that some of that fuck up was due to it being hard. I'm not interested in letting people who screwed it up off the hook. This is important, and we need to do it, but damn is it a minefield. Turns out, everything is connected. And almost everyone is connected, too. Fuck. Also at the Board meeting, we are pretty sure we know where all our money is, although we're not sure we know how to access all our money. But, at least we can find it. So, next steps come next.

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31st August, 2014. 1:30 am. Confused cats against feminism

It's a Tumblr, by the guy who runs We Hunted the Mammoth.

I like it a lot. There's history and stuff about how it got there and why, but really, who cares. Cute cats! Feminism! Humor!

I submitted two bits. He accepted one. Here's the one he took:


Here's the one he didn't take:


The first one, in case you care, is Arwen. The second is Naomi.

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