Lydy Nickerson (lydy) wrote,
Lydy Nickerson

Fuck this noise!

So, I believe I have now called every representative I own, from city councilperson to my senators. I got a fuck-ton of points for it in Habitica, so yay Habitica. Mostly, I was calling to say that you must stand with the immigrants, and not with Trump.

For my senators, I told them I had a bright line: Jeff Sessions. If they vote for Sessions, I will never vote for them again, I would rather vote for the Natural Law party than someone who supported that racist bigot. Actually, for Franken, I had to send email, because his phones were completely tied up. Most other reps, I had to leave messages for, because they are not answering their phones. I hope it's because they're overwhelmed, and not because they're hiding.

Seriously, fuck this noise. Trump is a scary, weak motherfucker. Bannon is a terrifying wife-beater bigot. The administration is a comedy of incompetence. None of which means that they can't win.

Children, I am frightened. It's early days. Remember we are in this for the long haul.
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January 30 2017, 19:02:23 UTC 3 weeks ago Edited:  January 30 2017, 23:30:35 UTC

Thank you for doing that.

FWIW, both Klobuchar and Franken have good, accessible websites with clickable buttons on the home page for sending email. If you send them an email saying something like, "Please oppose Jeff Sessions for AG with all the firepower you can muster" you will get a response that at least indicates that your input was received and tallied.

After much thought I reached the same conclusion you apparently did - of all the terrifying and incompetent cabinet nominees, Jeff Sessions is the worst. So that's the one I emailed my senators about. Franken's office sent me a reply indicating that he would vote against Sessions and thanking me for my input. Klobuchar's office just sent something generic and mumble mouthed. :-(

Franken's website is well kept up and worth checking to see what your Senators are doing, in case you want to send them encouragement or scold them. Franken has come out against Betsy De Vos, for instance.

Klobuchar's website is professional and all, but overly gimmicky (slideshow *barf*). Her Twitter account is much better. Even if you don't follow Twitter, it's worth bookmarking her online twitter account for a quick view of what she is actually doing to resist the Trump agenda. Her reaction to the weekend's insane refugee/visa ban is very strong.

ETA: According to her Twitter account, Klobuchar has decided to vote against Sessions. It might not be a bad idea to send her a communication supporting that decision, especially since it did not seem to come as easily to her as it did to Franken. That might make you like Al better, but it suggests that constituent support might have more impact with Amy. Anyway, I responded to her tweet with a thank you.
Go you!
One of my chosen actions is to remind people that and have the contact info for all members, including field offices back home, and committee and subcommittee memberships, so you can look up who is supposed to be hearing what hearings; and has all the bills, name and number, text and amendments, sponsors and cosponsors, committee assignments and progress, so you can fill in concrete details on fuzzy (typically alarmist and underinformed) news squibs . .
Those three are pretty easy to remember.