Lydy Nickerson (lydy) wrote,
Lydy Nickerson

I have the best family ever

I just wanted to say a public thanks to DDB and Pamela for taking such good care of me. This whole thing was enormously vexing, but they made it so much easier than it could be.

Pamela took over feeding and medicating my cats, and cleaning the cat boxes. I could have done these things if I'd absolutely had to, but it would have been very difficult, and sometimes painful. Since she was doing these things, this allowed me to sleep whenever I wanted to, which was just incredible. The first week after my accident, I was sleeping about fifteen hours, awake for about five, and then sleeping for fifteen.

David took care of a bunch of day-day stuff that was difficult or impossible, like doing the dishes and brushing my hair. He was also incredibly patient with my whining. And biggest sacrifice of all, he got up early to take me to the vet -- I mean doctor's -- for follow-ups.

There were other little things, too many to name, that they just did for me. It helped so much.

Thank you.
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