Lydy Nickerson (lydy) wrote,
Lydy Nickerson

Plague Diary: In Which I Am an Incrementalist

 Things which have improved:

- My right hand is no longer swollen

- I can now use my right hand to hold and carry things, and to grip bottles to open, if the lid is not too tight

- I can now remove my sling, wash my arm, powder it, and replace my sling without assistance

- I can raise my right am at the elbow a little

- Without the sling, my right arm can bear the weight oh a bath towel for short periods of time

- There is less pain

- The spectacular bruise in my right upper arm (running from 3 inches below the shoulder to the elbow) is now more yellow and orange and less black and purple

- I am much better at using my left hand, especially for hunt-and-peck typing

All that said, things still hurt, I still need assistance showering, and basic shit is hard.

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