Lydy Nickerson (lydy) wrote,
Lydy Nickerson

Plague Diary: Quick Update

I have completed my first week of work and I have moved house.  It's been eventful.  The first week of work was pretty rocky.  While there were some high points, there were a lot of very low ones.  I have hopes that this next week will be better.  

I paid (overpaid, but it was so worth it) a very nice young man to carry all my things down the stairs, and then into the new apartment.  Although I was very tired, I then found that I absolutely had to unpack.  Which I did.  It took me a couple of hours, but everything is where it goes, more or less.  The new apartment is a basement apartment.  The house is simultaneously dilapidated and well-loved.  The apartment is adorable, but nothing is either level nor true.  The ceiling...does not bear thinking about, so I don't.  It's a drop ceiling with mismatching panels, some discolored, and several of which look like they don't quite fit.  But, well, none are falling down, so that's fine.  The bathroom is small, but functional.  The kitchen is better than my old kitchen, with a lot more storage space.  The bedroom is fine, but the bed is harder than the last one, and it hurts my back.  Hopefully, I will adjust.  There are a lot more outlets in this apartment than the last one.  The entire apartment feels like a place that someone with very little money but a great deal of care and industry has invested a lot of time and thought.  

Today, I have accomplished groceries (including the necessaries for both shakshuka and mimosas), done PT, and am picked up my bike.  Cleveland today was beautiful in that very early spring sort of way, with the sunlight made of crystal, the air tasting of sparkling wine, and the wind made of knives.  The lake effect wind is truly something, bright and cruel.  But the apartment is cozy, and I think I shall be happy, here.  

I have noticed that Pittsburgh is a plausible day-trip from here.  I believe I shall, some Sunday, make said trip.  Lords, but I love Pittsburgh.  I might also take a quick trip to Akron, someday.  Just to drive around.  Love me some Rust Belt cities, I tell you what.

I am still not vaccinated, but have established that 1) as a direct health care worker, I'm eligible, and 2) Cuyahoga county has run out of vaccine, and 3) there is a waiting list, which I am now on.  

I miss my cats.  I miss my David.  But life is not terrible, at the moment, just challenging as fuck.

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